Your choice of college to attend is majorly determined by its distance away from home.

In other words, you could decide to either study in your hometown close to home or far away in another country. Both options have distinct pros and cons. However, studying closer home seems to have numerous benefits as opposed to the latter. Here are some of the reasons you should study in your home town:

Reduced chances of discrimination and being bullied

Bullying does not respect someone’s color or financial muscles. You can be a victim to it as you are identified as being different and out of place. It becomes depressing when you are constantly write my essay now reminded of how different you are from the larger majority enrolled in a college overseas. At times you don’t have to be reminded as you will feel the difference for yourself. Sadly, there is nothing as bad as feeling out of place and failing to fit in regardless of how much you try. However, this is unavoidable as long as you decide to pursue your college education in a country far from your hometown. At least you could escape all this if you studied closer home.

Reduced costs of education

Education is too expensive for you to gamble with it. It calls for planning and sacrifice for as long as you are in school. One of the sacrifices you could make is to sleep at home rather than in the hostels. Another sacrifice is to carry along packed food from home rather than spending a lot of money in the school cafeteria. All this is only possible when you live close to home, from where you can be commuting to;rgn=main school. It is worth it if you or your parents have no other option but to live on a tight budget.

Availability for family events

The worst feelings students have to deal with is knowing that they cannot attend family gatherings – not because they are busy but because they are too far from home. This is because most family events are always on the weekends when there are no classes. In other words, they could have easily attended these events had they been close to home. However, students are forced to idle around in their rooms, wondering how much they are missing for not attending events like graduation ceremonies, birthdays, and memorial services. It is even more depressing when you realize that you can’t visit a sick family member since you are countries apart.

Maintaining friendships

You don’t have to lose all your high school friends just because you joined college. However, you will lose a good number of them if you ever join a college in another country. This could hurt you if you are the kind of person who values friendships. Interestingly, it is a type of disappointment that you could avoid by opting for a college in your hometown.

Many more benefits, such as honoring doctor’s appointments and inviting friends home, are attributed to studying in one’s hometown. You not only save money but maintain that simple, stress-free life where family and friends are always there to show you support whenever you need them. It is worth your consideration.